Turning data into useful information

Creative Data Solutions often delivers data in standard formats directly to clients, for reporting and analysis in line with predetermined research objectives. Data file formats and record layouts are provided in accordance with project specifications, to enable batch uploads to your favourite statistical analysis program.

Favoured data file formats include .DLM, .CSV, .DAT , .XLS and .SAV / SPSS files. Data can be provided on physical media or delivered by secure FTP.

In most cases some degree of post processing quality assurance checks are undertaken on data prior to delivery. These are generally agreed during the development of data outputs specifications and may include spelling and grammar checks, validations on e-mail and postal addresses, as well as final checks on all fields for relevant data ranges and values.

Creative Data Solutions can make your data available online over the web and provide custom database and software development services.

Alternatively, we can offer an array of analysis and reporting services to turn data into useful information. Customised sets of reports are provided according to project specifications.

From simple statistics such as mean, mode and standard deviation through to advanced reporting including cross tabulations, multi-variate analysis, and data representations via pie charts and bar charts. Longitudinal graphing and charting can highlight changes in satisfaction levels over time using a variety of deviance techniques.