Professional Artwork Development, Digital and Offset Printing Services

Creative Data Solutions can help you to professionally design and print all materials required to undertake your data collection projects, including surveys, forms, questionnaires, letters, brochures, postcards and envelopes.

We provide competitive pricing, fast turnaround and a high quality finish.

We'll help maximise the response rate of your survey project by designing a survey that is well laid out and easy for respondents to complete. We’ll help you select the best print format for the project. Common survey sizes include A5 cards, A4 single and double sided, 4 page booklets and 8 page centre stitched booklets. We can custom design the survey in any size and shape to suit your needs and can include finishing options such as perforations, glue stripping and tri-folding.

Personalised printing options available include

  • Overprinting – this allows you to identify your respondents and complete fields where information from variable data, such as names, addresses and codes are required. This saves respondents’ time, increases response rates, reduces mail costs and provides back end respondent identification.
  • Barcoding – this can cover a range of numbers representing customer type, product type, sales region, account manager, geography, customer spend and a range of other segmentation variables.

Creative Data Solutions and its printing partners undertake comprehensive quality assurance checks throughout each stage of the printing process and provide a 100% scannability guarantee on all scannable document printing.