Data Capture and Survey Form Scanning Made Easy – Creative Data Solutions

If you need to collect data from surveys, forms, questionnaires, exams or anything else, Creative Data offers a range of solutions using the latest data capture systems technology.

Creative Data Solutions provides:

  • High speed data entry
  • Scannable forms processing
  • Manual key punching services
  • Double keying with adjudication
  • Optical mark read scanning of closed response items
  • Intelligent character recognition on machine & hand print
  • Key from image of open ended comments & please specifiers

We offer fast turnaround and high accuracy on all data entry projects, both big and small. Simply call us for a no obligation quote, or use our quote request page and we will contact you regarding your data capture and data scanning needs.

Manual key punching is often the most effective way to capture data from your surveys, dependent upon your sample size, response rate and the nature of the project generally. Creative Data Solutions' data entry operators are selected for speed and are highly skilled and experienced, providing guaranteed accuracy.

We capture quantitative and all other closed response data fields through OMR (optical mark read) technology. OMR is an advanced method of data capture, which involves the technology of electronically extracting data from marked fields, such as checkboxes and fill-in fields on printed forms. It is widely acknowledged as the most accurate process for collecting closed response data. Editing and validation options during survey form scanning will further heighten the quality of your data and reduce the need for onerous backend data processing. We continually monitor and calibrate our OMR scanning equipment to certify accuracy.

Open-ended response fields can be provided on-screen for highly efficient transfer to data files. This is known as ‘key from image’ and is the most accurate and efficient method of capturing open-ended survey form data. Full-page, archived images of survey form pages are an option for uploading, viewing and linking to customer files. Barcoded data can be instantly captured to determine the depth and split of respondents and applied back to image and data files for identification and retrieval.

For all your forms processing and data scanning needs, there’s no doubt about it - Creative Data Solutions is the ideal choice.